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Litigation Assistance

Litigation Assistance by a lawyer

Trustworthy Litigation Assistance in Brantford

Stebbing Butcher PC offers dependable litigation assistance in Brantford. We provide specialized support and assistance for specific court proceedings that arise in Estates and Trusts. These include the following: 

Estate trustee during litigation: If the estate is in court and you need an estate trustee during litigation, our firm offers those services. Our experience and specialization make our firm the right choice when estates are being litigated about. 


Section 3 counsel: If you are in court and the court wants to appoint a lawyer for you, we can offer those services. 

Guardianships: We have over 10 years of experience in applying for guardianship. Whether it is a simple file or a complex family issue, we are here to help. 

Passing of accounts: Do you need to account for your work as an estate trustee or power of attorney? We can assist you with this. We can also assist with the review of accounting.

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Do You Need Litigation Assistance in Brantford?

Our lawyers offer aid and expertise to address Estates and Trusts’ court proceedings.

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