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Real Estate

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Trusted Real Estate Lawyers in Brantford

The lawyers at Stebbing Butcher PC advise clients on the purchase and sale of residential and vacation properties, both on a standalone basis and as a part of comprehensive estate planning and estate administration. We will advise on mortgages and refinancing of residential properties as well. We also review with clients Agreements of Purchase and Sale and condominium status certificates before acceptance to help ensure that no unexpected issues arise. Whether you need help buying property or selling, our real estate lawyers in Brantford will help you at every step of the legal process. We will ensure that all legal aspects are completely verified so that you can have peace of mind. Contact us today for any real estate issue or transaction.

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Advising and Executing Residential Real Estate Transactions

For most individuals, the purchase of a residential property is the largest asset acquisition they will ever make. This property can therefore feature prominently in a family's overall estate plan for the future, including the disposition of that property upon death. As seasoned lawyers in this area, we can advise you on all issues that may arise within a purchase or sale and take the time to discuss with you the fundamental details of your agreement to buy or sell a residential property.

Brantford Residential Property Lawyers

We act on purchases, sales, mortgages, and refinances. This also includes survivorship applications (when an owner dies), transmission applications (for estates), name changes, private mortgages, private purchase and sales (with the agreement of purchase and sale drafting or reviewing), new builds, reviewing condo status certificates. There is not much we do not know about real estate, and if we cannot, we know who can help.


We offer in-person or virtual appointments to complete your transaction.

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Why Lay Hands on Disputed Property?

Our real estate lawyers will help you purchase properties after considering all the legal aspects.

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