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Trustee and Power of Attorney Services

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Attorneys in Brantford for Trusted Legal Advice on Trust Administration

The experienced lawyers, at Stebbing Butcher PC, advise trustees and attorneys for property and/or health care on their trust administration duties. It is due to our sound legal advice and experience that we are often retained by our clients to handle the bulk of their work. Additionally, we regularly act as trustees and handle clients' affairs as their attorneys for the property. We are available to offer legal services in Brantford and surrounding areas. You can contact us to schedule a consultation with our lawyers.

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Advising Attorneys for Property

Our lawyers assist our clients in fulfilling the necessary responsibilities of handling the affairs of a family member or friend who has appointed them as an attorney for property. A power of attorney for property can be triggered by incapacity or upon receipt of written instructions from the donor to the firm to release the POA property to the appointed party so they can start handling their affairs. Our years of experience and education make us highly qualified to advise clients on their responsibilities to the estate as well as their personal liability if they fail to meet their obligations. 


Our lawyers currently handle the affairs of several clients as their attorneys for the property. In the event that you do not wish to appoint a loved one to be your attorney for property, our lawyers can be appointed to handle this role.

Advising Trustees

Not only do we draft trusts, but we also advise trustees on their responsibilities as trustees and assist them to meet those obligations. A trustee must understand the trust and abide by the rules set out in it. They also have accounting obligations to the beneficiaries and must file annual tax returns. None of the responsibilities are easy which is why we offer services in assisting you as a trustee but also as a trustee ourselves. When we are named as a trustee we discuss our fees with you which are approved upfront. We also interview regarding your investment strategies and will work together with your financial advisor if you have one.

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Your Trusted Advisor

You can hire us for trust administration solutions.

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